Spectator Tips

Because of the many road closures necessitated by the nature of the Parks Half Marathon course, many points on the course will be hard to reach during the race, especially by car. Here are the best places from which to watch the race:

Starting Line:

The starting line is located on the overpass on Redland Rd just north of Sommerville Rd. The local roads leading up to Needwood Park will have one side dedicated to vehicles and one side for runners. We advise not standing on public roads to cheer runners. The Park itself will be closed to vehicular traffic while the runners are proceeding in those areas.

Aspen Hill Park:

Runners will be passing through Aspen Hill Park before taking the foot bridge over Viers Mills Rd. Spectator areas in the parking lot are available. This is a great spot to see the runners as they come out of the trail grab some water and head towards Bethesda Hill.

Finish Line:

Spectator Parking: It is recommended that spectators park at Governor Metro and take the short walk down the hill on the sidewalk to the finish area. Parking is free at the metro lots on the weekends.

Runners will reach the finish line on Beech Drive just before the intersection of Grosvenor Lane adjacent to Rte. 355 North. There will be a complete Medical station with Physicians and nurses and emergency medical personnel and transportation if required. The finishers will receive a finisher’s medal and premium. Beyond that area will be foods and refreshments. It is only a few hundred yards walk Rte. 355 to Grosvenor Metro. 

A Final Important Note:

Finally, wherever you choose to spectate, please give the runners a clear berth. As a courtesy to the runners and for everyone’s safety, we ask that you pay close attention to instructions by Course Marshals and Police and, please, yield to the runners at all times. Above all, have fun out there! If you have fun, the runners will, too!