Motorist Tips

The following streets will be affected during the race.

  • Redland Rd will be closed for pre-race activities from Rte. 355 to Crabbs Branch Rd.  4:30AM until 7:30AM
  •  Gude will be closed at Indianola Rd and traffic will be diverted onto Indianola for Rockville Pike access. – 4:30AM-7:45AM
  • Crabbs Branch will be closed at Shady Grove Rd not allowing traffic to turn onto Crabbs Branch. Residential traffic on Crabbs Branch will be permitted to exit toward Shady Grove Rd. – 4:30AM-7:45AM
  • Southbound traffic on Redland Rd will be permitted and turned onto Crabbs Branch toward Shady Grove Rd.
  • Northbound Redland will be closed to Needwood Rd 6:30AM-7:30AM
  • Westbound traffic on Needwood Rd will be as normal
  • Eastbound Needwood Rd will be closed to vehicles up to Beach Drive 6:30AM-7:45AM. Residential side streets on the south side will be permitted to exit in between waves of runners as safety permits. All side streets on the north side of Needwood Rd will only be permitted to exit to the west toward Redland Rd.  6:30AM-7:45AM
  • Southlawn Rd will be closed from 15151 Southlawn to the intersection of Avery Rd 6:45AM-8:15AM
  • Southbound traffic on Avery Rd will not be permitted into Needwood Parks or past the intersection of Southlawn Drive due to trail crossing. Southlawn Drive will also be closed to traffic. 6:45AM-8:30AM
  • Baltimore Rd will be closed in both direction after Parkvale on the north side and after White Gate Drive on the south side – due to trail crossing.7:05AM-8:30AM. Traffic from Twinbrook Parkway will be permitted to travel onto Baltimore Rd until White Gate Drive.
  • Viers Mills to Randolph Rd will be closed to traffic  7:20AM-9:15AM
  • Randolph and Dewey Rd’s will be closed 7:15AM-9:20AM
  • Randolph and Rocking House Rds 7:05AM-9:45AM. East bound Randolph Rd traffic is funneled into left and right lanes; westbound lanes are closed at Dewey Rd. Traffic on Rocking Horse may proceed straight onto westbound Randolph.
  • Garrett Park Rd crossing closed 7:45AM-9:35AM
  • Garrett Park Rd at Beach Drive closed 7:45AM-9:35AM. Westbound traffic must U-turn or enter parking lot; eastbound lanes are closed at Beach Drive.
  • Beach Drive at Wexford Rd – 7:30 AM– 9:30AM. Motorists are directed east to Connecticut Ave.
  • Wexford at Mitscher St 7:45AM-9:45AM
  • Beach Drive/Strathmore Ave/Knowles Ave 7:45AM-12PM. No traffic will be permitted to turn southbound onto Beach Drive. Southbound closure of Beach Drive 4:00AM-12PM
  • Knowles Ave/Parkwood Dr 7:45AM-9:45AM, Vehicles exiting Parkwood will be directed east on Knowles towards Kensington. Traffic exiting Howard Ave can only proceed east. Traffic on Knowles AVE toward Beach will be directed onto Howard Ave or Parkwood Dr.
  • Beach Drive and Franklin St. 4:00 – 12PM. Traffic from Franklin St. will be permitted to exit towards Cedar Dr.